What is Call Me Private?

Call Me Private is a virtual phone delivery service which allows direct inward dialing (DID) and direct outward dialing (DOD).

What does Call Me Private do?

Call Me Private allows you to purchase secure virtual phone numbers which may send and receive calls without ever revealing your real phone number or numbers.

You can also set it up to be a message-only or voicemail-only system.

You may also record your calls.

Note: This service does not support SMS, but you may use our other web application, Text Privately.

Who is Call Me Private for?

Anyone with a mobile phone number can use Call Me Private.

Whether you are an individual looking to protect and secure your real phone number or a business looking for an affordable toll-free service to make you look more professional, our Service is for you!

How do I use Call Me Private?

After registration, log in to the Dashboard, navigate to Settings, and add your credit card.

Navigate to the Numbers page and verify a phone number that belongs to you.

After verification, add a virtual phone number.

Freely give this number out and when anyone calls, they will be transfered to your real phone number.

What can I do with Call Me Private?

Call Me Private was designed to give you secure private virtual disposable phone numbers.

You can make phone calls to your virtual number and mask your phone number.

Or receive phone calls to any phones you own without ever revealing your real phone number, record conversations, leave a message to your callers, blacklist callers, or suspend your virtual phone number.

Why use Call Me Private?

Think of Call Me Private as a disposable no-hassle virtual telephone number.

If you have several businesses and wish to appear as if you have multiple phone numbers, Call Me Private will allow you to do that at very affordable rates.

You can also use your virtual phone numbers for security purposes and if you prefer to have a new number every month, you can simply cancel your virtual phone number and add a new one from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Can I make calls with Call Me Private?

While you cannot make calls or receive calls directly from the Call Me Private platform, you may call your virtual number from your verified phone number.

Call Me Private acts as the medium between the virtual number, your phone, and the caller.

How many numbers can I purchase?


How many minutes do I get each month?


Do I have to enter a credit card?

In order to add virtual phone numbers, you must have a credit card on file.

Note: Pre-paid credit cards are allowed, but it is imperative that you ensure they have enough funds. After 3 failed charges, your number will be automatically deleted.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free phone number for you to try.

You can use this number by adding other numbers expected to call you to a sandbox.

For more information, scroll to the bottom of this page.

How much are phone numbers?

Local phone numbers in the United States are $2.95 per month of $29.95 per year.

Local phone numbers in Canada are $3.95 per month or $39.95 per year.

Toll-free numbers are $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year.

Note: There are no fees for the setup or cancellation of virtual numbers.

Note: Virtual numbers are billed on a monthly or yearly basis from the date they were added.

Note: There are no refunds.

How am I billed?

You will be billed accordingly by NoteToServices LLC on a monthly basis by virtual numbers you purchased and fees from outgoing, forwarded (incoming), message-only, voicemail-only, and conference calls.

Rates per minutes may vary according to your country. Check rates.

Note: All time is rounded up to the nearest minute. Example:

  • 10 seconds = 1 minute
  • 1 minute 20 seconds = 2 minutes
  • 4 minutes 40 seconds = 5 minutes

Note: Your billing for virtual numbers may not be in sync.

Do you offer phone numbers outside of North America?

Currently, only phone numbers within the United States and Canada are offered.

Can I use your Service outside of the United States?

You may purchase local numbers from the United States or Canada and redirect them to your non-US/Canada phone number.

Rates may vary in your country.

Toll-free numbers will work in the United States and Canada only.

Note: Make sure you select Do not add 1 in front of numbers in the Settings to properly verify your phone number.

Note: Do not purchase toll-free numbers if you live outside of North America.

How do I check my voicemail?

All voicemail audio transcripts can be found in your Logs.

If you choose to have an email sent to you when you receive a voice message, you will be notified with a link to your voice message.

If you choose to have a text message sent to you when you receive a voice message, you will be notified with a voicemail ID (vID) that you can use to listen to your voicemail.

In order to listen to your voicemail, copy the vID, navigate to the Call Me Private home page, and just below the area for Check Rates, you will see an area to enter in your vID.

Can I copy the same data from one virtual number to another?

Absolutely. Add a new virtual number. Click on the Clone () icon on your old virtual number. Click on Clone.

Can I use the same virtual number at Text Privately?

We offer a feature called a bridge.

Bridging your virtual number allows you to transfer all information over to Text Privately, which allows you to use your virtual number for calling and texting. This feature is interchangeable.

Note: There is a separate subscription for this virtual number.

What is Call Transfer?

Call Transfer is a feature that works with Call Messaging and allows the caller to press 1 to be redirected to your number.

Do you offer refunds?

In order to keep the price of our Services low, we cannot offer refunds.

You will still be able to continue using your number until the end of the billing cycle.

Can I cancel a virtual phone number?

You can cancel virtual numbers at any time.

After cancelling, you may continue to use the phone number until the Renew Date.

My virtual number was deleted, why?

In almost all circumstances, it has to do with an invoice that needs to be paid.

Call Me Private will attempt to warn you for 3 days via email and SMS to let you know that you need to add funding to your credit card.

Note: Once the number is deleted, we may be able to restore it up to 12 hours.

Can I update or remove my credit card?

Navigate to the Settings page and click Update Credit Card to change your information.
Note: Credit cards on file must be up to date at all times.

Also on the Settings page is the ability to remove your credit card.
Note: Removing a credit card will immediately cancel all virtual numbers.
This action cannot be undone.

What type of information do you keep?

We do not keep any transcripts of your actual calls, unless you choose to record them.

Your account will keep a log of all activity to and from your virtual phone numbers, your redirect phone numbers, the callers, and duration of the calls for billing purposes.

Note: As we take privacy and security very seriously, you are the only one with access to your recorded call logs.

I want to buy a number from a specific region, but it is not appearing on the list.

Our number stocks are constantly being bought and released all the time.

Check back often and there should be more from your desired region.

Is my credit card safe?

We do not keep any records of your full credit card on file.

We use PCI-compliant Stripe as our third-party payment processor.

We take privacy and security very seriously.

Please read about Stripe's security policy.

Are there any known issues I should be aware of?

There are differences between Android and iPhones in which iPhones will automatically add a country code (1 for US and Canada) and the Android will not.

In order to complete any calls, making or receiving, a country code is required.

Call Me Private will automatically add a 1 to your outgoing calls unless otherwise specified.

If you are giving out your number to be dialed by others, ensure they are aware that they may have to dial a 1 in front of your number.

How long are calls recorded?

You may record calls up to 30 minutes at a time.

Audio recordings are not showing.

The error you receive will look something like this:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

This occurs when your audio recording is still being converted and transfered to our system.

Depending on how long the recording is, it may take up to 20 minutes or longer.

My audio recording is not clear.

It is highly recommended that you:

  • do not use speaker phone
  • talk directly into the phone
  • speak loudly and clearly
  • ensure the other side does the same

How does virtual number conferencing work?

Toggling on the conference feature and calling into your virtual number will establish a conference room.

All others who call the virtual number will be connected to the conference room.

Upon hang up or by pressing the star key, the conference room disconnects everyone, and the call ends.

Note: Until the conference room is established, all calls will be rejected.

Note: Maximium number of calls that may connect to a conference room is 20.

Note: All conferences are $0.06/min.

Note: Conferences are not recorded.

How am I billed for turning a virtual number into a conference?

Charges are applied to the “conference room”.

Note: Billing starts as soon as the conference is established.

How long can a conference last?

Conferences will hangup automatically after 30 minutes.

I have a question about my billing.

Please contact us immediately so we can resolve any problems you may have.

A number I am calling is automatically hanging up, why?

Please check to ensure that the number you are calling is in service or you are not blocked from calling it.

What is a tidbit?

tidbit: a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.

Our Tidbits are meant to give you advice and tips, but even may even hint to you new ideas for how you can use your virtual number.

What is the sandbox and how do I use it?

When you sign up, we offer you a free number to use as you please to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

Adding a number to the sandbox will allow that number to call the free number and redirect to your verified number.

You may also call any number in the sandbox with the free number.

Note: Any numbers added to the sandbox are associated only with your account.

Note: You will be charged for any rates that may apply while using the free number.