Should You Give Out Your Phone Number?

For most people, giving out your phone number is pretty easy and without a second thought. In a world where scammers and spammers and even stalkers didn't exist, this would be great. In reality, you should only be giving your phone number to people you trust, like family members and close friends. When it comes to acquaintances and people you just met, consider using Call Me Private for a virtual number that can protect and hide your geo-identity and geo-location, so those you give it to will never know your real phone number.

Giving out your virtual number and not your real phone number to anyone will give you that same feeling of locking your door at night, of making sure you have all of your belongings, of making sure everyone in your family is safe, and most importantly, of making sure that your life remains as private as you want it to be.

Our business is not to pry, but to provide you with the tools you need to function in your daily life while keeping it as private as you prefer.

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Using Call Me Private For Your Business

Are you a startup or just trying to cut costs for business phone numbers? Make and receive calls and appear to your customers and clients as if you have an official business line with our official toll-free numbers.

Using Virtual Numbers For Websites

Whether you want to list a phone number on your blog or website or enter in a required phone number into a website, feel free to use Call Me Private as a phone number which can better monitor and weed out calls you may not wish to receive.

Virtual Numbers As Disposable

Want a new phone number every few weeks? Every few months? Every few years? Want several new numbers? Feel free to use Call Me Private to subscribe to an unlimited amount of numbers for whatever purposes you may need them for, whether you are having a one-time event or a recurring event. Virtual disposable numbers are served to you on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Leaving A Message With Virtual Numbers

With Call Me Private, you can turn your virtual numbers into a message-only system, for leaving instructions to your callers, or just wish to leave a message for anyone who calls your virtual phone number.

Call Transfer is an optional feature that can be turned on to allow users to bypass the message by pressing 1 and being transferred to speak with you.

Blacklisting With Virtual Numbers

Call Me Private allows you to blacklist callers who might be annoying or bothering you. Add an unlimited amount of phone numbers and any caller who is on the blacklist will be blocked instantly. You will never even know they called!

Suspending Virtual Numbers

Call Me Private takes into consideration that you may want to temporarily suspend your virtual phone number for a time period without actually losing the phone number. Consider it airplane mode for your virtual and physical phone without actually having to turn your phone off or put it into airplane mode!

Note: You will still be charged for suspended virtual phone numbers.

Virtual Number Log Records

Call Me Private will always keep a log of phone numbers that have called your virtual number as well as the receiving number. This helps you keep track of everything you need to know including the duration of the call and charges that were incurred during the call.

Setting Mulitple Numbers with Virtual Numbers

Call Me Private allows you to set one phone number per virtual number, however, this number can be any number that you have verified. You can have the same phone number for all of your virtual numbers or different phone numbers for each virtual number.

Call Me Private Requires Country Code If Not In US or Canada

Call Me Private assumes you live in the United States or Canada and will automatically add the country code for you if you happen to forget it. If you prefer to add it yourself, you can always go into your Settings and check off Do not add 1 in front of numbers. If you do not know your country code, you can find a list of all country codes here:

Call Me Private Saves Thousands Of Dollars A Year

Call Me Private saves thousands of dollars a year for your startup or business. Traditional business lines and phones alone can cost hundreds of dollar each to setup and maintain. Ditching the hardware and going with a virtual number can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year!

No setup fees. No hardware fees. No software fees. No cancellation fees. No disconnect fees. No installation fees. No maintenance fees. No restoration fees.

You pay only for your number and the affordable call rates that you use on a monthly basis.

Cancel at any time. Or restore your number at any time before the Renew date.

Unlimited Virtual Numbers

There is no limit to the amount of virtual numbers you can have on your account. If you need one or two for a few days, weeks, months, or years, we have them for you! If you need a dozen virtual phones for your employees, simply add them to your account, verify their real phone numbers, and your employee cell phones will be connected to those virtual numbers!

What Are Virtual Numbers Really?

Virtual Numbers are phone numbers in the cloud. There is no physical system or hardware associated with any of your virtual numbers and the only hardware involved is your phone.

No Hassle, No Hound, Only Virtual Numbers!

Virtual Numbers at your fingertips. No tricks. No gimmicks. No hidden pricing. Our sales department is not here to hound you or harass you with emails and calls day in and day out. You decide when to add your credit card. You decide when to add virtual numbers. You decide when to remove virtual numbers. You decide when to remove your credit card. We have a hands-off approach to most of our products with the ability for you to always communicate with us if you do have questions or issues. We respect your right to privacy and believe you are completely capable of making your own choices when it comes to using our product.

Use Your Virtual Numbers To Make Outgoing Calls!

Mask your own phone number behind your virtual number to call others. Simply call your virtual number, wait for the instructions, and dial the phone number you wish to call.

Note: Only your associated Redirect number has access to make calls.

Turn Your Virtual Number Into A Voicemail Only System!

There will be those times where you might go on vacation, wish to do more than leave a message, or prefer not to receive forwarded calls. In any of these cases, you can set up a voicemail system and allow your callers to leave you voice messages that you can check at any time, so long as you have an Internet connection!

Want to be informed? We'll send you a text message or an email letting you know!

Organizing Your Life With Virtual Numbers!

If you are an entreprenur or a business owner, virtual numbers are definitely for you. You could have one virtual number specifically for your employees and another for your customers.

As an entreprenur, you know your life is far too busy to keep track of sometimes. Why not give out a virtual number for the startups, the small busineses, or the ones who have an idea, but have not quite gotten there yet?

Imagine being able to organize your life by giving out phone numbers for specific reasons. If you have several things going on all at once, you should probably dedicate a phone number to each. With our Note system, you can leave a note for why you have a specific number and what it is being used for. Once you have set your number for whatever your reason, you can now give that number out to those who are associated with it for that reason.

Giving out a specific number to a specific person allows you to keep track of your business needs and where that person and your virtual number belongs in your life.

On the optons screen, turn on notifications to receive a text or email about the calling number and to which virtual number they are calling.

Calling Your Own Virtual Numbers

By default, calling your virtual number from your Redirect number will allow you to make an outgoing call. There may be times where you want to disable this feature in order to hear a message you created for your callers, or you may even want to leave yourself a voicemail. To do this, go into the Options for your phone number and disable outgoing calls.

Unlimited Recordings For Virtual Numbers With No Expiration

Recording entire phone calls is something you may want to do so you can reflect back on the conversation, whether you are an individual or a company. If the Recording feature is on, the recording will start at the beginning of the call and end when the call ends. These recordings do not expire and you can go back and listen to them at any time. Recorded calls will be available almost immediately but may take up to 20 minutes or more to process and transfer. You can download all of your recorded calls at any time. Our pricing includes the cost of recording and storing the call. There are no additional fees.

Play Recordings For Virtual Numbers With Message

Want to leave a recording of your voice? We will play your audio to your recipients. Simply paste the URL ending with mp3 or wav and it will play. The voicemail feature will also play your audio.

Starting up a business? Reduce your costs with virtual numbers!

If you are an entrepreneur, a marketer, a social media enthusiast, or whatever the great title bestowed upon you, you have to keep track of too many things when dealing with clients, customers, partners — calls all on the same phone number. How are you to keep track, really? Maybe you really wish you didn't answer that last one. Maybe you wanted them to just leave you a voicemail? How can you have one phone number for answering, one for voicemails, or one for a single message with instructions? Separate and organize with virtual numbers! Add as many as you need! There is no limit!

Use your Virtual Number as a Conference Room!

You can turn your virtual number into a "conference room" or "meeting room" for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly meetings. Your virtual number holds the power to receive calls from as many as 20 numbers. The meeting will not begin until you actually call your virtual number from your Redirect number.

Once you have started the conference, anyone who calls the number will be entered into the conference room.

Use our Virtual Number!

Are you not ready to purchase your own virtual number yet? Don't worry. You can use our number! Simply add the numbers you want to call and those numbers that plan to call you to the sandbox. Give out our number. When those numbers call you, they will be transferred to your phone number. Note: Rates for the call will still apply to your account.

Cap Your Virtual Number Rates!

If you are worried about going over or just have to stick with a budget, we understand and we got you covered! Go to the Options (cog wheels) area for your virtual number. Specify a Max Cap Dollar Amount you want to spend for the current month. After you exceed that amount with your virtual number, our system will automatically suspend it so it cannot make or receive calls until the next month.

Call Announce For Your Virtual Number

While a virtual number can protect your privacy and keep your real phone number hidden, the trouble with a virtual number is that when you receive a call, you will only see the caller's number, not the virtual number that called you. For those of you who may have virtual numbers, there are now three ways to determine who called whichever virtual number you have. 1) Going through the logs, or going to the Options section (cog wheels) and selecting 2) Notify me of calls by email which will send you an email with the caller and virtual number they called, or 3) Notify me of calls by text which will send you a text message before you actually pick up the phone, so you know the caller and the virtual number they are calling.

Use Your Number On Call Me Private and Text Privately

While Call Me Private and Text Privately are similar platforms, they are different as one is specifically for calling, while the other is for texting.

There may be times where you want to use the same phone number on both platforms.

This is now possible.

You can now bridge your virtual number to Text Privately so that you use the same number for texting or calling.

Speed Up Your Calls By Utilizing Speed Dial!

Call Me Private understands that you cannot remember every phone number, especially your close friends and family.

While you can make a call to nearly any phone number in the world, there are those few who you would prefer to favorite or have on speed dial.

On the Options screen for your virtual number, you can add up to 9 different phone numbers.

When you make a phone call to your virtual number, you will be given a list of everyone on your speed dial and the number you have to hit to dial them.

#1 can be for your spouse, #2 for your mom, #3 for your dad, #4 for your brother, #5 for your sister, #6 for your best friend, #7 for your other best friend, #8 for your boss, and #9 for the pizza place!

Multiple phone number forwarding with Phone Directory feature!

If you are a business, you may want to route customers calling you directly to where they need to be!

Have a sales team? A support team? A billing department? Or want your customer to get directly in touch with you?

Call Me Private makes this easier than ever on the Options screen.

Simply give the phone directory a name, assign a phone number, and when anyone calls the main number, and presses the designated key to reach that person or department, they will be redirected to a verified phone number.

Before and After Messages!

Set an introduction message for your caller to hear before the call is forwarded!

Set an ending message for after you hang up, if your caller hangs on the line, they will hear a final message.

Operation Times

Set specific times any day of the week to give your phone a break!

Calls within your selected time frame will go through like normal, while all calls outside of your time frame are blocked.

Set a Closed message for your callers to listen to while your phone is not in operation!

One Virtual Number, 8,999 Extensions, 8,999 Verified Phone Numbers

Extending beyond just a basic directory listing, you may add up to 8,999 extensions per virtual number which will redirect to any verified phone number.

Extensions can be set to Private or Public.

Private extensions are not revealed to the caller, but can still be dialed. (i.e. "If you know your party's extension, you may dial it now.")

Public extensions will be revealed to the caller, which can be dialed.

Extensions have the ability to make outbound calls to a designated verified phone number.

Call Me Private as an alternative Call Center Service solution.

Call Me Private can be used as an affordable Call Center Service.

Reduce your costs by 95% and save on the overhead!

If you are expecting to spend $50,000 or more a year on a call center service, you are overpaying!

Using all features of Call Me Private at full-time hours (8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year) will cost no more than $10,000 a year!

Can't get to your phone to use your Call Me Private number? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

If you need to send a quick message, reminder, or even a small note for your recipient, you can now type a message and call someone through the Internet.

You may send messages up to 1 minute in length costing just 2¢!

Need to copy data from one virtual number to another virtual number? Clone the data!

Whether you need to create a new number this week, next week, for a month, or during Black Friday, you can copy data from one number to another so you don't have to worry about typing in the data manually every time!

If you need multiple numbers using the same data, clone a dozen! Clone each one!